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Whether you’re an electrical contractor, facilities management company, or any business that requires its workers to operate or be around portable electrical equipment (including heavy plant and fixed appliances up to 400v) in Farnborough, Southern EET Testing is your answer! We are the go-to experts for efficient, reliable PAT testing. Every business has its unique complexities, and we can provide the quality and ability that will minimise the disruption of your day-to-day operations whilst ensuring that you, and your staff, are working in the safest environment possible. PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing) has recently had a legal name change to EET testing (Electrical Equipment Testing), but that doesn’t mean the regulations have become any less stringent – simply more broad in their scope. Educate yourself with this article on what both PAT testing and EET testing are and why they are necessary, and then leave it up to us to ensure your Farnborough electrical equipment is in full compliance.

PAT Testing (EET Testing) Is A Legal Requirement In Farnborough?

PAT testing is not mandatory by law, but don’t take that to mean there are no legal repercussions if you forego it. Current legislation for the UK states that every business or workplace must keep their electrical equipment in a safe condition, meaning that the health and safety of employees and the general public are ensured. These current regulations can be found in:

The most favoured way to confirm the safety of the electrical equipment of your Farnborough business or property, at least in the eyes of the courts and insurance companies, is through EET testing (formerly called PAT testing). This is the most favoured and widely used electrical testing system in all of the UK. While testing itself is not mandatory by law, keeping electrical equipment in safe working order is, and if found to be negligent in that regard, businesses anywhere in the UK can face an unlimited fine or even up to 2 years imprisonment. This same standard also applies to landlords in order to ensure the safety of their tenants, as well as schools to do the same for their students. In addition, we at Southern EET Testing also perform Stage Light Testing for many UK events and productions annually, as organisers can be liable for damages and injuries caused by unsafe lighting equipment, as well.

What PAT Testing Can Discover And Prevent

When your scheduled PAT testing date arrives, an expert will first begin with a visual inspection before moving to more technical procedures. With this visual inspection, the technician determines if there are any:

The technician will then perform a series of tests depending on the class of equipment, which may include one or more of the following:

Earth continuity testing gauges the resistance of the protective earth of the electrical appliance or the cable/wire. Any visible or touchable earthed part of the equipment as well as the earth pin of the plug will be tested. The design of the test is to discover the degree of connectivity between the earth pin and the case of the appliance, with a good score being indicative of a small chance of electrical shock occurring.

Insulation resistance tests to make sure that there is enough insulation between the live parts of the appliance and the parts that will be touched by an operator. Wear and tear as well as poor manufacturing are just a few of the reasons that insulation may not be adequate. Insulation resistance tests are carried out on different classes of equipment, and it will require an expert from Southern EET testing to understand the difference and how to perform an inspection of each safely.

A polarity test is done to determine whether the active and neutral ends of the plug are correctly connected to the corresponding terminals at the socket end.

An earth leakage test, or protective conductor current test, will detect if there is any leakage current flowing from the live wire to the earth wire due to a breakdown of any components (especially if the insulation resistance test is giving suspicious results).

Fires and shocks can be caused by the breakdowns that these tests detect, and it requires the necessary tools and equipment to perform the inspections effectively and efficiently.

Results And Documentation

As one UK business to another, we at Southern EET Testing understand that your business in Farnborough needs to minimise downtime while also gaining peace of mind that the health and safety of employees and guests are ensured and that compliance through regular audits is well documented. We make it a priority that you receive all information and documents as quickly as possible so that you can concentrate on your true passion: running your business. In the event that any of your electrical equipment is deemed ‘not fit for use’ and ‘fail’ after the EET Testing, you will be informed and a detailed explanation of any problems found.

Southern EET Testing has over 15 years of experience providing specialist EET Testing solutions, and our experts carry all of the necessary equipment to deliver reliable results quickly and safely. Our engineers are the most trusted PAT Testing professionals in Farnborough and throughout South East England, with the ability to  EET Test anything from 5amp, 13amp, 15amp, 16amp, 32amp, 63amp, Powercon, Socapex Single, or 3 phase appliances. We also do Stage Light Testing for indoor and outdoor events. Contact us today to see how fast we can allow you to knock off electrical equipment safety from your business concerns with PAT testing Farnborough at

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