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PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing) is also known as EET testing (Electrical Equipment Testing). There is some confusion about what it entails and why it’s necessary, as well as who should be having it done. All of that will be answered in this article, as well as why you should choose Southern EET Testing, the most trusted service provider for PAT testing in Chertsey.

What Is PAT Testing (AKA EET Testing)?

PAT testing stands for Portable Appliance Testing. It is also now known as EET testing, or Electrical Equipment Testing as a way to be more inclusive of the type of equipment covered. It is a process of standardised testing to ensure that electrical appliances do not pose a risk to the safety and health of employees, as well as to tenants and visitors. PAT testing is not required by law, however, many regulations are in place for the maintenance of electrical appliances ‘as far as reasonably practicable’, and noncompliance can mean hefty fines or even imprisonment in some circumstances. Some of the legislation and regulations include:

The most acceptable way to ensure the compliance of safety standards of electrical equipment by the government and in the courts in Chertsey  is through PAT testing. In addition, most insurance companies and occupiers’ liability will require electrical equipment safety to be audited by PAT testing. PAT testing (or EET testing) is the most efficient and effective method of giving business and property owners peace of mind knowing that they, their workers, and their guests are in the safest conditions possible when working with or being around electrical equipment.

The process of PAT testing will include a visual inspection of electrical equipment as well as more technical verification that it is operating safely (mainly from the risk of shock or fire).

The initial visual assessment will consist of checking for:

The more technical testing should only be conducted by an experienced specialist. Our experts at Southern EET Testing have years of experience as well as the appropriate tools and best-practice training to verify the condition of electrical equipment safely. This process is also dependent on the class of the appliance being tested, and may include:

Type Of Equipment That Needs EET Testing

Virtually all electrical equipment needs EET testing, but because private homes are not obligated to have it under current legislation, it is businesses that primarily seek it out. Southern EET Testing has clients in Chertsey  across a wide range of sectors, including Education, Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Construction, Theatres, and more. We also perform Stage Light Testing for many indoor and outdoor events throughout Chertsey  every year. We partner with several electrical contractors and facilities management firms to test electrical equipment used by their employees, as well as electrical equipment that is inside the residences of remote workers.

It doesn’t matter if our customers require a one-off EET Testing service or a comprehensive annual service contract for their safety requirements, nor how big or small their site of operations – Southern EET Testing is the go-to provider in Chertsey  with the credentials and expertise to deliver the most accurate assessment of equipment safety. We are specialists in EET Testing industrial plugs and appliances, and can EET Test anything from 5amp, 13amp, 15amp, 16amp, 32amp, 63amp, Powercon, Socapex Single, or 3 phase appliances.

The recommended frequency of testing depends on the type of equipment and the environment in which it is used. The frequencies we recommend are based on the guidelines by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET), and our own experience. We often help clients in Chertsey  to understand their obligations under the law to maintain electrical equipment and steer them towards the right testing regimen to suit their needs. We are renowned for our streamlined process from start to finish that allows clients to focus more on their business with peace of mind knowing that their electrical equipment is compliant with safety regulations.

Accurate Testing And Dedication To Adding Value

Chertsey  trusts Southern EET Testing because of our accuracy based on the highest standards of electrical safety as well as our dedication to adding value to your business as its PAT testing service provider.

Our structured process provides that every piece of electrical equipment will be labelled with a unique asset ID number and will state the date tested as per the latest 5th Edition, once fully tested. We keep detailed records for clients to easily be informed of the state of their electrical equipment. In the event that any is deemed ‘not fit for use’ after the EET Testing, clients are made aware and provided with a full explanation of the problems found.

We strive to eliminate downtime to your business with fast, efficient service that doesn’t get in the way of day-to-day operations. Electrical equipment used for sensitive functions such as comms equipment, fire alarm, or CCTV that cannot be switched off due to safety concerns can be visually inspected by our experienced engineers. We understand that as a business you will need to keep your health and safety policies up to date and have regular audits to comply with this, which is why we ensure that you receive all the proper information and documentation necessary and as quickly as possible. Our team of highly competent engineers is all CRB checked and fully insured, with the tools and experience to perform qualified Portable Appliance Testing.

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