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There are several regulations and legislation in place requiring businesses to maintain their electrical equipment to prevent unsafe conditions and injuries to their workers (and the public). The most widely used and accepted method of testing electrical equipment to ensure it is operating as safely as possible is through PAT testing, also known as EET testing. If you are a business in Banstead you can benefit from the fast and accurate services from Southern EET Testing – the most trusted provider of PAT testing in southeast England. Find out more about what we do and how it can add value to your business in this article.

What Is PAT Testing/EET Testing?

PAT testing and EET testing are the same, only that the latter is meant to alleviate confusion. This is because the original title – PAT testing – stands for Portable Appliance Testing, whereas the newer moniker means Electrical Equipment Testing, which is more inclusive. Virtually all electrical equipment can be tested with the PAT process (and should if it is used by workers, tenants, visitors, guests, etc.), but the word ‘Portable’ is too often associated with electrical equipment that can be easily picked up, and ‘Appliance’ with domestic appliances. The two names are interchangeable and specify the same testing process.

The types of electrical equipment that are often audited through PAT testing are those used in businesses; whether it is portable, fixed, stationary, handheld, building equipment, or technology equipment – eg. computers, phones, copiers, etc. Southern EET Testing also partners with many electrical contractors and facilities management companies in Banstead and beyond to ensure their workers are operating safely functioning electrical equipment.

What Does PAT Testing/EET Testing Entail?

It is critical for safety that only a trained specialist conduct PAT testing. Not only do the qualified experts at Southern EET Testing have all of the tools, adaptors, etc., to perform these tests on your electrical equipment, but we can also quickly assess the scope of work required and have it all completed in a short time to enable you to focus on your business. Our experienced engineers will also be able to verify the safety of electrical equipment much more efficiently and effectively.

When you schedule an appointment for services from Southern EET Testing, the process will involve two steps: an initial visual inspection followed by more technical procedures using sophisticated instruments and computerised PAT testers when necessary. The visual inspection will consist of checking for:

The visual inspection is straightforward enough and involves checking the cable and plug for signs of damage. However, some damage may not be immediately obvious to a person with no formal training or experience, and you are highly encouraged to let a professional handle this aspect, as well. The second part of PAT testing will use specialised equipment to perform these diagnostics:

Again, this aspect of PAT testing does require adequate knowledge of several types of electrical equipment and their working components. These tests are performed depending on the class of electrical appliances it falls under – for example, Class I has single insulated wiring; Class II has double insulated wiring; Class III appliances are supplied with a transformer supply at a low voltage.

Is PAT Testing Required By Law?

While you are not mandated by law to have PAT testing done, businesses and public works are required by regulations to maintain their electrical equipment. Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 states, “As may be necessary to prevent danger, all systems shall be maintained so as to prevent, so far as reasonably practicable, such danger”, and if someone is found to be negligible in maintaining their electrical equipment “so far as reasonably practicable” they could face hefty fines or even jail time. Some of these other regulations include:

PAT testing has become the most favoured means of testing electrical equipment for safety, and the process is recognised in the courts and government not just in Banstead, but throughout London and the UK. Southern EET Testing has over 15 years of experience providing specialist EET Testing solutions to businesses in Banstead and across southeast England. We have a whole host of CRB-checked, fully insured, and committed engineers who operate and have experience in EET testing. All of our engineers are City and Guilds (2377) qualified in Portable Appliance Testing. You can be assured when partnering with us that your business or property will comply with existing regulations and legislation and that you and your workers will be working in the safest conditions possible around electrical equipment.

What Services We Provide

Our trusted PAT testing services are given to businesses in a wide range of sectors, including Education, Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Construction, and more. We also can do expert Stage Test Lighting if you are hosting an indoor or outdoor event. Many electrical contractors and facilities management companies hire us to test the safety of the electrical equipment used by their employees. Whether our customers just need a one-off EET testing service or a comprehensive annual service contract for their safety requirements, we are here to help. We also have the capability to test equipment in the homes of remote workers.

We are the leaders of EET Testing in Banstead and specialise in testing industrial plugs and appliances. We can EET Test anything from 5amp, 13amp, 15amp, 16amp, 32amp, 63amp, Powercon, Socapex Single, or 3 phase appliances, as well as do Stage Light Testing for theatres. Contact us today through our website for more information at

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